Regional Container Lines (RCL) Centralized its HR Global Processes via Frontier e-HR Cloud System

22 Dec 2016

About Regional Container Lines

Regional Container Lines (RCL) started as a Common Feeder Operator. In 1988, RCL was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Presently, RCLowns and operates 40 container vessels covering more than 60 destinations in Asia, Australasia, and the Middle East.

Feedback from a Client for Over 10 Years

RCL deployed Frontier e-HR Cloud System in 2005 to streamline processes and deliver outstanding personnel services to its users in more than 20 entities in Asia including China, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangkok, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  All employee data, including documents, is held in one central place thus reports and queries are easily carried out for managers for better-informed decisions.

An enterprise-wide unified system has also enabled RCL to easily extract up-to-date information thus eliminating the submission of manual reports to the Headquarter by the entities.

The software was selected to replace disparate standalone applications. During the initial implementation process, Frontier e-HR’s team of consultants were actively involved in aligning the processes with all the entities from different countries and the project was a smooth sailing.

Implementing Frontier e-HR software has greatly improved productivity and efficiency in our HR department,” Star Chong, Assistant Manager of HR department in RCL.

Why Frontier e-HR

RCL decided on Frontier e-HR after carrying out a detailed evaluation process on numerous prominent vendors in the market. The software was selected for its overall value and great user experience.

The implementation of Frontier e-HR was a hugely successful project. The employees adapted quickly to the Self Service as the system was intuitive and easy to use. The software was also equally well received by the managers.

Improved Productivity and Efficiency

Implementing Frontier e-HR software has greatly improved productivity and efficiency in our HR department,” explained Star Chong, Assistant Manager of HR department in RCL, who was in of the evaluation team that endorsed the system 10 years ago.  “Since there were many manual processes in the past, we immediately see a massive improvement in the HR & Payroll function when the system went live; especially in the areas of leave and expense modules.”

Over the years, Frontier e-HR has supported RCL through its continual growth and change. RCL has also developed its own in-house experts to roll-out the software to its new entities and JVs.

Having a world-class software that is both powerful and user-friendly is important, but the on-going support provided by the vendor is also equally crucial. “The support we received from the helpdesk is fantastic. The team is knowledgeable and prompt in responding to our questions”, said Kiew Li Yan, Senior Officer of HR department in RCL.  Star Chong further added that the support services provided by Frontier e-HR was very personal and the helpdesk team was proactive in resolving simple queries to complex problems.