About IPS Group of Companies

Founded in 1986, IPS Group of Companies is one of Singapore’s leading manufacturers and distributors of asphalt and concrete plants, industrial radiators, heat exchangers and security equipment.

IPS is an engineering group principally engaged in the design, manufacturing, distribution, installation and commissioning of a wide range of infrastructure and industrial equipment worldwide.

Moving from Forms and Paper to Cloud

Jamie Ho, Assistant HR and Admin Manager of IPS Group of Companies shared some of her experiences prior to using Frontier e-HR, “Payroll was done manually in excel, employees will receive a letter on an annual basis which will indicate their salary, this was the practice back then before 2006. Besides, employee profiles were also kept in hard copy folders through p-files and leave application was submitted using paper forms. With the itemised payslip made compulsory by the government now, it’s certain that a comprehensive HR solution will be required by companies.”

Frontier e-HR has certainly helped us to reduce payroll processing time, increase efficiency and reduce human error”

Jamie Ho, Assistant HR and Admin Manager | IPS Group of Companies

Realizing that these practices were no longer sustainable for the effectiveness of the HR Department, IPS decided to go digital and automate these administrative tasks. With some criteria set in mind such as user-friendliness, cloud-based, price as well as after sales service, IPS called a few vendors to present their solutions and decided to embark with Frontier e-HR. “We were confident that Frontier e-HR meets the requirements”, Jamie further added.

Eliminate the Risk of Human Error

We no longer have to worry about all the statutory updates by the government since the system will always comply to the latest statutory. The best thing is that it has reduced the time and effort spent on payroll processing especially when it comes to the OT calculations, we trust the system because generally human will be more prone to error.” Jamie then added with a smile, “My colleagues here have also been navigating around the system with ease in performing the self-service functions, overall we are happy with the system.”