Integrated HR System for Employees and Volunteers

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From left to right are Koh Boon Khai (COO) from the Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution, and Chua Weng Foo (CEO), Devina, and Verawaty from Frontier e-HR

History of the Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution

After World War II, given the poor state of Singapore’s post-war healthcare facilities, Singapore Chinese Physicians’ Association (SCPA) with the strong support from members of the public founded “Chung Hwa Free Clinic” in 1952. To date, Chung Hwa has set up 5 branches in the island to serve the public with constant improvements made to the facilities and computer systems to enhance the service quality standards. The organisation now serves an average of 1,200 patients a day at subsidies rate. With its constant growth, Chung Hwa is now supported by close to 130 employees, 500 volunteers and 2000 members.

Given the growth, there is increasing importance for Chung Hwa to automate administrative tasks handled by the HR department for the team to focus more on higher-value tasks, such as human capital management and making strategic decisions for organisation development.

All in one software

Chung Hwa used to maintain several systems from different vendors to handle the spectrum of HR functions. The systems sat in silo, one handling payroll, and another handling employees’ leave and learning management.

“We selected Frontier e-HR because not only does it provide a greater value in its offering compared to the others, it also has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to use and manage.”

Huang Jin Hui, IT Manager, Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution

When asked about the reason Chung Hwa moved on from their previous processes, Huang Jin Hui, IT Manager, further explained, “Employees used to feedback on the bad experience encountered with our previous vendors. There were calculation errors and to make things worse it was hard to receive a response from the support team. This made our staff anxious and our management very unhappy.”

Chung Hwa then started a selection process of a new HRIS provider in late 2015 with criteria set that the vendor must have expertise in HR industry and a world-class, scalable system, supported by prestigious clientele from different industries and a proven track record.

Besides, Chung Hwa was also looking for a single integrated system with the flexibility and expertise to match the growing company. “One system is better to manage”, Jin Hui added. “And we selected Frontier e-HR because not only does it provide a greater value in its offering compared to the others, it also has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to use and manage.”

Open and Flexible

With 500 volunteers who are mostly physicians supporting Chung Hwa, the time and effort spent handling the administrative paperwork is tremendous. With Frontier e-HR’s flexibility to develop certain functions to cater to the operation, Chung Hwa has successfully improved productivity through automation. “We truly appreciate Frontier e-HR’s support as now, our volunteers are also using the system”, Jin Hui emphasised.

Accurate and Advanced

Accuracy is immensely vital from Chung Hwa; in payroll processing, there can be no mistake, no matter how minor. We can also get quality support from the support team, which is highly valued. The system complies with statutory requirements and is also user-friendly.

After Implementation

“We are now able to get more information about employees and volunteers with the query generator and reports”. We have saved a lot of time and effort with the help of the system. We appreciate the interface of Frontier e-HR’s system; we can accomplish our objectives with the fewest clicks possible. The comprehensiveness of its functions, especially on the access rights, has aided us to segregate the treatment of information stored in the system. Jin Hui further highlighted, “We are glad that we can give special rights to appointed employees to view only certain reports related to them.”