22 Dec 2016


On May 1976, Havi founders—Ted Perlman and Bob Rocque — formed Perlman Rocque Distribution to respond to the supply needs of McDonald’s restaurants in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. Four months later, the company began making its first deliveries and within two years, on December 1976, Havi Corporation is formed.

Over the past 40 years, HAVI has grown continuously in size, global reach, and breadth of services and customers served. One thing that never changed is their mission to “Deliver The Promise” to customers, employees and partners.

The Nine-Year Journey

The rapid growth of HAVI Global Solutions in APMEA is one of the reasons that made the company discerned it was no longer possible to sustain on the traditional way of processing HR administration works and recognised the need to embrace a new HR system. “When I joined the company, four years ago, the company has already invested in Frontier e-HR system,” Sherine Lim, HR Generalist, HAVI Global Solutions. “The system was implemented nine years ago, back in 2007.”

She further revealed that with the HR system implemented, their HR team had seen saving of time from manual processing and improvement of productivity.

HAVI Global Solutions completed its first HR system in APMEA — personnel, leave, claim, payroll and a customised OTA modules — with great success. The automation is currently benefitting their employees based not only in Singapore, but across Philippines, Japan, India, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Australia.

On a day-to-day basis, having a web-based application isn’t sufficient. Users are also looking for a great user-friendly interface. This has benefitted Sherine whenever she needs to conduct a system training for the new joiners who are based in a different location. A great user interface helps to facilitate swift knowledge transfer and reduce any unnecessary user’s resistance.

Overseas Travel Authorisation

Frontier e-HR has adapted the system through customisation to address HAVI Global Solutions’ unique requirements in Overseas Travel Authorisation (OTA). In HAVI Global Solutions’ case, the OTA module must address and fulfil the company’s stringent internal audit needs.

Sherine further explained, “The implementation process was pretty smooth and straightforward. When it comes to our customised module, the consultants do have the knowledge and understanding of our environment well. The result is translated to saving of time without having us to engage in a lengthy explanation.”

An Excellent User Experience

The Frontier e-HR system is easy to use,” Sherine said.

In Frontier e-HR, the company strives to provide an excellent user experience. This is spelled out not merely from the software’s perspective, but also from the experience the users received after the system has gone live.

I do call the support occasionally and I am happy with the overall support I received,” Sherine added. “I would certainly recommend Frontier e-HR to other HR practitioners.”