EM Services Streamlines Its HR Processes Through Frontier e-HR Since 2004

About E M Services

E M Services prides itself as a leader in the property management services field, providing a suite of services in township management, property and facilities management, contracts and project management, student hostels management, engineering services, lifts and playground, and essential maintenance services.

Manual Processes Prior to Implementation of Frontier e-HR

E M Services has been a customer of Frontier e-HR since 2004. Prior to using Frontier e-HR, the previous HRIS mainly served as an employee database for record keeping of staff personal data and only made accessible to authorized HR personnel. No reports could be generated from the system and HR had to manually export the data to MS Excel for reporting and analysis purposes. Many other HR processes were also manually carried out, for example the use of leave cards for leave records and claim forms for reimbursement. These triggered HR to look for a solution to overcome the issues and improve productivity.

When asked about finding the right HRIS, Ms Kelly Ang, Senior HR Manager of E M Services shared some of the evaluation criteria:

  1. Ease of administration
  2. User friendly interface and strong maintenance support
  3. High data integrity and security
  4. Employee self-service function
  5. Integrated solution accessible from multiple platforms
  6. Dynamic and forward looking with regular updates to keep up with labour laws and market trends
  7. Reasonable cost
  8. Favourable testimonials from existing clients


Quick and Efficient Insights for Reporting and Analysis

Ms Kelly also commented on the efficiency gained from the implementation of Frontier e-HR. She said, “There are standard and customised reports in the system that we are currently using. They provide us with quick and efficient insights on the information required. This is much more effective than having to generate the reports manually.”

Seamless Integration Solution

After more than 10 years’ experience of using Frontier e-HR, E M Services embarked on adding new modules – payroll, expense and time-off to their system last year.

Both payroll and expense modules provide a seamless integration to personnel module. Hence, we no longer have to maintain two separate employee databases which is time consuming and prone to human errors. Employees’ time off records, which were previously administered manually, have also been automated. Employees and their managers can now have access to their time off records with ease,” Kelly added.

Pleasant Service and Support from Frontier e-HR

Service has been a strong core for Frontier e-HR.

Kelly commended that the support that her team received from Frontier e-HR had been prompt and responsive. Both the Customer Support Team and the Account Manager were able to relate to the issues raised and had provided appropriate solutions in the best interest of the client.

The response from the employees and management of E M Services have also been positive. The employees are looking forward to more self-service capabilities and push notifications; while the management expects more analytics capabilities and smart features of the system to support its HR decisions.

Both requirements are in the R&D roadmap for the following year to strengthen the product and improve clients’ user experience.

Frontier e-HR is simple and user-friendly for all levels of employee. There are periodical updates to the system to keep abreast of the latest changes. New features are also introduced to value-add and increase productivity”

Kelly Ang (Ms)

Senior HR Manager

E M Services Pte Ltd