Dairy Farm Singapore Manages Its Island-wide Workforce with Frontier e-HR

About Dairy Farm Singapore

Dairy Farm Singapore (DFSG) is a leading pan-Asian retailer and a member of The Dairy Farm International Group. DFSG boasts over 700 stores across the island, supported by 10,000 employees. It is the owner of famous retailer brands such as 7 Eleven, Giant, Guardian, Cold Storage, Market Place and Jason the Gourmet Grocer. Over the years, DFSG has been recognized by various industry authorities as a leading brand and franchiser.

Almost Been a Decade of Partnership

DFSG has been a proud user of Frontier e-HR web-based system since 2008, utilizing an array of solutions ranging from Leave, Payroll and Expense Management to Learning Management System. The intention has always been to have a single integrated solution for use by the HR department.

Heng Yeong Hann, HR Systems Manager of DFSG, shared some of his experiences as a user of Frontier e-HR, “Frontier e-HR offers a product that is simple yet flexible and powerful for a big organization like us.” He then further added, “What I am best impressed with is the support that has been provided to us, it has always been timely and systematic. For a local company like Frontier e-HR, you put in place an impressive professional framework of support, follow up and ticketing process in place. I’ve had experiences with other vendors of larger setup, but their support hasn’t been as strong as yours.”

“What I am best impressed with is the support that has been provided to us, it has always been timely and systematic “

Heng Yeong Hann, HR Systems Manager of DFSG

Proactive Services

Frontier e-HR continuously strives to provide a great user experience for all our clients. Yeong Hann agreed with this, “When I talk to the consultants about what we want to achieve, they listen and they give good suggestions and ideas for us to measure the pros and cons of each approach instead of just doing what was instructed which we really appreciate.”

Managing 10,000 Employees with Frontier e-HR

With a huge number of stores across the island, DFSG has various types of employees ranging from full time, part time to flexible workers. DFSG is satisfied with the comprehensive solution offered by Frontier e-HR, which enables the different methods of payroll pay-out. Yeong Hann added, “It is a dynamic working environment here and we require payments not only to be paid to the employees on a monthly basis, but also bimonthly and weekly. We are glad that Frontier e-HR is able to support us on these operational requirements as this has also helped us to save some costs.” With the change of processes which occur occasionally, DFSG consistently requires a solution not only applicable for now, but also for the future and ensures it remains ahead in the competition for some time.

DFSG has been using Frontier e-HR to run the payroll for its 10,000 employees over the years and benefitting from the Query Generator feature to get the necessary data to be reported back to the management. It has improved efficiency and helped streamlined processes within the HR Department which comprises of over 60 personnel taking care of different entities.