Brainy Moves Leaps Forward with Frontier e-HR

About Brainy Moves Pte Ltd

Brainy Moves is a holistic brain training program developed based on scientific research to enhance cognitive functions through exercise and play. It offers customised programs on fitness and wellness, weight management, special needs therapy, injury recovery, sports exposure, outdoor and values education programs. Uniqueness of each program enhances both the brain and the body through complex moves, fun activities and sensory training.

The Need for a Convenient and Precise HR Software

Brainy Moves is one of the SMEs who used to carry out manual processes to handle their Payroll and other HR areas. James Tang, Founder and Principal Trainer of Brainy Moves shared his experiences prior to using Frontier eHR. “There were obviously a lot of manual processes, I needed to use Microsoft Excel to produce payslips. Recording of staff leave applications were also done on hard copies and as a business owner, I handled this myself”.

James further added on the other complications he faced, “All this manual labour took up a lot of my time, I needed to enter all the data, ensure that the format was correct, printed the payslips and then saved all the soft copies for company’s record”.

Through automation of our Payroll and HR Administration with Frontier e-HR software, as a business owner I can now focus more on the growth of my business “

James Tang, Founder and Principal Trainer of Brainy Moves

“To complete this whole process, it easily took up 2 full working days, not to mention that the fact that it was error prone. There were occurrences of incorrect calculation and I have to spend some time to rectify it”, James explained.

As a business owner, James realized that automation is obvious due to the need to focus his resources on the core business.

Implementation of the Slick, Smart and Efficient Frontier e-HR System

The rollout of Frontier eHR Cloud System took two to three days and the solution began solving some of the foundational hitches of manual processes. Employees now enjoy the access to their Leave information and it becomes very clear. “Previously my staff would approach me to ask for the details on their leave entitlement and balance. It also gives me the flexibility to implement the company policies including the earned basis leave entitlement with the use of a system, I no longer have to worry on all the calculation and proration as Frontier eHR handles everything”, James added.

Cloud solution delivers a lot of convenience to James, “Every application reaches me very immediately, even when I am not in the office, it provides me a clarity on my manpower,” James said. “A lot of work that took up my time like CPF submission is now all automated, I also have no worries on any regulatory changes as it will be taken care of by Frontier.”

Peace of Mind and Sense of Security

  James couldn’t hide his smile when commenting about the services he has received from Frontier eHR, he commented, “In every service line, support has always been the differentiator, with  Frontier I feel that whenever I hit the wall, there is always a place to fall back on. It gives me a piece of mind of sense of security knowing that the support team is always behind.”

 “Frontier eHR provides a quick set up, robust yet price effective for SME. It clearly cut down the operational cost of hiring another person to handle payroll, besides I don’t have to give up this portfolio to anyone else”, James stated.