Asia Genomics

Asia Genomics is a leading molecular diagnostics company, driven to transform healthcare through the power of molecular biology technologies, including genomics, in Asia. Formed by a team with diverse expertise, Asia Genomics focuses on implementing world-class genomic technologies with global accredited diagnostic laboratories to connect healthcare professionals with forefront, reliable, and affordable genetic tests previously unavailable in Asia.

Embarking into Frontier e-HR Cloud Solution

As a leading company in clinical care transformation, Asia Genomics has experienced a progressive growth in employee numbers, despite the economic challenges faced by many industries. The management saw a need to transform the manual information, keeping systems in a computerized solution, to keep up with the new technology and significant increase in headcount, which has doubled in a short span of time.

“Frontier e-HR provided us with an innovative alternative to paper files and spreadsheets. We have found an enormous amount of support from the team.”

Chua Hsiao Wen, Finance Director of Asia Genomics

Accelerate HR Processes

The management of Asia Genomics was quite hands-on with the HR Processes prior to the implementation of Frontier e-HR Cloud Solution; each HR action involved stacks of paperwork, including leave application, claim submission, and payslip printing. With the increasing administrative workload and the need to shift more focus to strategic initiatives, Asia Genomics made a move to an HR Cloud Solution. Reviews were carried out to evaluate various types of HR Solutions, including a complete outsource of HR and Payroll, before shortlisting to four vendors.

Chua Hsiao Wen, Finance Director of Asia Genomics, mentioned a few criteria they had in mind during the selection process: “As a growing company, we would like to have an HR system which is intuitive and user friendly, and most importantly it should be a holistic integrated solution.” She also stressed the importance of having a system that could meet their growth for the next 3-5 years and be a cost-effective solution.

After an in-depth survey and evaluation, Asia Genomics decided on Frontier e-HR, due to its high flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. “As a non IT specialist, if I can manoeuver through the system with ease, our employees will have no issues on adapting to it,” Hsiao Wen added.

When asked of her experience with Frontier e-HR, Hsiao Wen happily commented about the robust support she has received from the Frontier e-HR’s customer service team, and most importantly, the system has replaced and automated the cumbersome, paper-based processes.