Seamless Tax Form Submission Through Direct Web API e-Submission

You can now submit tax forms directly through Frontier e-HR with just a click of a button, all thanks to the API(Application Programming Interface) service offered by IRAS

How Does IRAS Web API Work?

An API is essentially a software intermediary that enables interaction of information data between two applications. Think of it as a regulated bridge that facilitates transportation from one place to another. It acts as the interface that delivers data from the application you use to the main system it needs to go, all through the Internet. It then receives the main system’s response to your request and delivers this back to the application you are using. Throughout the process, APIs allow for the interaction between the application you are using, and the main system.

We no longer have to deal with difficult integrations from point-to-point when connecting together enterprise solutions, which often take up a ton of time and resources to maintain. Not to mention, there isn’t always a guarantee of the complete accuracy of information.

Convenience for Our Clients

Our clients continuously gain more convenience with the ability to get on various applications with just one login ID or access point. In the case of IRAS submission, businesses who employ Payroll Software with this API feature will be able to submit IRAS forms without ever having to leave the Payroll Software itself.

With that, we would like to share the news that Frontier e-HR is now one of the Supporting Payroll Software Vendors for the Auto-Inclusion Scheme (AIS) for Employment Income. As the pioneer of HRMS in Singapore, we provide assurance of reliability and strong security of our payroll software, as well as impeccable customer service and support.