Simmons (Southeast Asia) Pte Ltd, a major bedding company, has just engaged Frontier e-HR to streamline their most key HR processes.

Realizing the urgent need to automate their HR systems, they have decided to invest in Frontier’s specialised software solutions, to be rolled out across 19 of their outlets. One key consideration is a Time Attendance module for tracking staff attendance. Previously for its staff, keeping track of the number of hours worked and time off awarded for overtime, was done manually at each of the outlets.

We are looking to streamline and automate the entire system, and at the same time improve our employee satisfaction and increase productivity. With Frontier eHR, we’d move from manual to automated system resulting in better data quality and talent management.”

Casey Teh, Managing Director, Simmons (Southeast Asia)

Automating time collection through time clock and attendance software ensures that there is a single version of truth. Furthermore, Simmons also wanted software with great user-friendly interface to make life easy for its staff. This will drastically cut down on the time needed to get staff up to scratch with the new system.

The level of support provided by Frontier e-HR’s software specialists and its wide range of happy clients is testament to the value provided by its HR management software.