The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has announced revisions to the Employment Act. Now, it is mandatory for employers to give Itemised Payslip for their employees.

 Itemised payslips and KETs benefit both employees and employers. They provide security and assurance to employees about their regular salary components as well as main employment terms and benefits. For employers, issuing payslips and KETs in writing helps to minimize employment disputes,” said the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Why HR entrée Payroll?
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HR entrée Payroll is fully compliant with Singapore statutory. You neither have to worry about its changes nor on the updates while using HRentrée Payroll.

You can configure your company payroll policies, define payroll items (overtime pay, allowances or deductions) and analyze it using comprehensive payroll reports. Furthermore, HR entrée Payroll has seamless integration with HR entrée Leave and Claim. It is vital to reduce time-consuming and improve accuracy in Payroll processing.

Generate your itemised payslips conveniently with HR entrée Payroll. e-Payslip will be available for you to reduce your cost of hardcopy printing.