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80% PSG Grant +

SFEC (up to $10,000)


Productivity Grant Solution (PSG) supports companies in Singapore keen on adopting IT solutions  to enhance business processes. As a PSG vendor, we can assist Singapore’s SMEs in the process of getting HR software grants.

Regional HRMS

Multi-jurisdictional e-HR System that offers you the flexibility to manage all your regional operations through a single platform. Our HR Management Software is highly configurable to cater to various statutory requirements as well as multi languages and currencies capabilities.

Regional Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing allows you to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and elevate your role to more strategic activities. Our one-stop Payroll Processing Services provides the payroll services that support your payroll function needs across South East Asia. Singapore payroll outsourcing team is based locally.

Vertical Solutions

Our solutions are widely used across various industries. over the years, we have also developed specific needs for industries like: Hospitality & F&B, Retail & Super Markets, Shipping & Logistics, and Healthcare & NGOs.


Talent Management System

Full suite system with flexible and team-centric Talent Performance Management solution that facilitates continuous coaching and feedback session, 360-degree peer view and development of your workforce. It covers Performance Appraisal System, Learning Management System, Recruitment system and OJT system. Furthermore, our Talent Management Solution is seamlessly integrated to our HRMS software.


As business becomes increasingly digital, securing and protecting our customers’ data is a top priority. We are ISO 27001 certified and our HRIS software undergoes regular penetration and vulnerability tests.

Flexible Deployment

We offer the flexibility of both subscription and on-premise model for our Cloud Based HR Software. While SMEs can leverage on e HR Software hosted solution to roll out their needs, larger enterprises may opt to have their e HR System hosted in-house and be integrated to other subsystems.





Over 20


“Implementing Frontier e-HR software has greatly improved productivity and efficiency in our HR department.”

“The system is easy to use and has a pleasant user interface. It is fast and convenient when it comes to pulling reports and also has a useful function where we can create our own queries. The support team is also responsive and supportive.”

“We are looking to streamline and automate the entire system, and at the same time improve our employee satisfaction and increase productivity. With Frontier eHR, we’d move from manual to automated system resulting in better data quality and talent management.”

“Frontier e-HR provided us with an innovative alternative to paper files and spreadsheets. We have found an enormous amount of support from the team.”

“Frontier e-HR provides a manual that I can always refer to in case there are any functions that I need to look for, however I have found your G-Steps feature to be particularly helpful,” Francis added the helpfulness of having the G-Steps, “I can ensure that I don’t miss out any vital step during payroll processing thanks to this function.”

“What I am best impressed with is the support that has been provided to us, it has always been timely and systematic.”

“We selected Frontier e-HR because not only does it provide a greater value in its offering compared to the others, it also has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface that is easy to use and manage.”

“We have been recording important personnel details manually. Too much paper work was involved and it was quite inefficient as it required more man hours keeping track of information accurately.”

“Frontier e-HR has certainly helped us to reduce payroll processing time, increase efficiency and reduce human error.”

“We are comfortable with Frontier e-HR, it is in fact a very stable system which has supported us all these years.”